Jan 3, 2021

My wife took this picture of me on my new e-bike in the morning mist with rising sun. I felt like a toddler on a tricycle, with a mix of apprehension and delight. Somehow it feels symbolic for this time. If anything, 2020 taught me to drop my agenda, slow down and discover unknown paths with hidden treasures. Although the Covid-19 pandemic causes tremendous suffering, it can also open our eyes to what really matters and awaken #wisdom and #compassion, in relating to ourselves, each other and the planet as a whole.

Many MBCL events could not take place physically. I was surprised, however, how much is possible when people are committed to meet, share, and learn #online. Being in lockdown does not stop us touching each other’s hearts, no matter the geographical distance.

I am pleased the first online MBCL Teacher Training is fully booked. It promises to be a wonderful opportunity to learn together with people from across the world.